Silk screening is the term is used to denote a decorative technique that uses a direct impact stencil made out to cloth or a wire mesh adhesive. The name was designated to this process because in the early days silk was used for the stencil. Today silk is rarely used.

The traditional silk screening approach begins with a square wooden frame that is about the size of a T-shirt over which a piece of sheer fabric is stretched. When silk screening, you are required to put a thin sheet of plastic into which holes have been cut. These holes enable ink to appear on the t-shirt where you want it to be.

That done; place your t-shirt on a flat board and press the screen onto the fabric. Coat the screen with a thick ink using a sponge, this causes the ink to flow through the screen onto the T-shirt. You can follow these steps multiple times for multi-color designs. Move from the lightest color to the darkest.

There are other products that can be used such as iron-on transfers. These are available in various T- shirt shops and tourist attractions. All you need to do with these is to iron the picture onto a t-shirt. Once you do that, the designs bond to the fabric of the shirt.

silk screened shirt
Screened Long Sleeve Shirt

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